Thursday, January 08, 2009

CAT 2008 final score 99.36 pctile

Weak score in quant even though I am not weak in mathematics per se.
Final verdict : I need to improve my time management skills.

1-2 fewer questions in DI and 1-2 extra questions in quant would have meant IIM A, C and K.
I actually spent 40 mins english, 1 hr DI and 50 mins quant.
40/50/1hr or 40/55/55 would have done the trick.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cues negative, world down a tad, iip expected to come in lower

Key question: Can we hold the supports with the weak cues?
hourly charts might top out below 2870 ish
below that 2830/2800/2770/2700
We really need to hold 2830 to keep the breakout/momentum intact on the short term charts.

Bears are gonna have a field day today with all the negatives.
What I want to see is whether we can rally post the weak IIP
if we can then we have a good chance of going higher until then ultra short term looking to short.

Also keep an eye on REL to see if it can clear 626 that will be a sign of things to come
triangle or abc.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nifty chart analysis

3 charts for nifty dec series.
Invhns type of move forming for bulls
for bears maybe a triangle and they'll keep trying to short on the way up finding every level/resistance as an excuse.

My view? 3260+ likely
HSI did it
dow almost doing it.

And guess which stock is leading the rally in nifty??
much closer to old high 626 cmp 606 ish.

Power sector remains my favorite sector, fundamental reasons.
So for anyone who says technicals precede fundamentals. Think again.

Rel was damn 'weak' at 360-400 (relative to nifty)
now its 'strong'.

I need to find some kind of economic calendar for India so I can be prepared ahead of time for the major data releases.
If anyone has an idea, leave a link.

For the u.s there are lots of sites with good coverage.
Need something similar for India.
I wonder why cnbc tv 18/moneycontrol don't have any organized section
they added the indiaearnings site which is a good step. They should also add something along the lines of an economic calendar.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

REL Inv hns

Rel inv hns breakout above 626 but strong above 470
play long target 520-540-580-626-666-726
sl below 470


strong above 1324 sl 1300
target 1355-1370-1456-1550
Chart later: feeling lazy.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still stuck on the CAT....

Spent more time on cat 2008 analysis
I guess scores vary a bit depending on which answer key is used!!
TIME: 29/45/66 total 140 required 18/28/42/120
Career Forum: 29/45/66 total 140 vs required cutoffs 28/32/46/116
IMS: 29/45/66 total 140 vs required cutoffs 32/32/46/120
CL: 29/45/56 total 130 vs required 30/26/44/121
PT: 29/45/66 total 140 vs 39/29/47/115

I think clearing the cutoff means 1 call and every 4 pts above the cutoff could mean one additional call.
Usually 24 pts above the cutoff would mean almost all calls.
Screwed by quant I suspect... I probably have the basic cutoff for all iim's except A/C
Lets see what happens.

Anyway, getting back to trading: I will post a good chart soon , I promise :)
Just waiting for REL to confirm eod low.
I don't wanna analyze 20 stocks and make 50 trades. I just want one big move for december.
Its the big inv hns patterns/double bottoms etc that I talked about earlier; REL will give the best setup of all.

CAT 2008 written test is over, but I'm still not quite over it.

                      QA DI EU OVERALL 
Your Score 29 45 56 130
Predicted CAT %ile 87.62 97.56 99.4 98.48

I can't quite seem to get over the 98.4 pctilish score in CAT 2008. another 45 seconds/1-2 questions in Quant could have meant IIM A/B/C.
Cutoff for iim means around 97.5 pctile barely enough for iim i/k/l
a/c take in much higher scores 98.5-99.5pctile
(Even harvard takes in 95-98 pctile .... but india. of course.. 99.9999999 is what u need to win out here)

iim-b I guess is the exception as it pays more attention to work exp in its selection process.
Unfortunately for me. full time trading for 2 solid years counts as 0 years of work ex!!!
I wonder who would make a better asset manager 3 years from now:
Someone who spent 2 years in a cubicle at tcs/infy and then did an mba finance from iim??
Or someone who actually watched almost every tick for atleast 2 years, studied almost every significant theory on trading the markets and watched/traded one full bull/bear swing.

I think the avg placement salaries are bothering me along with possibly missing out on the 'iim' brand.

IMI avg : 9.89 lakhs, pctile : 94
IMT avg placement: 12 lakhs, pctile 95
Mdi/SPJain avg placement: 12.5/13.5 lakhs, pctile 96-97 (spjain pays more attention to work ex)
IIM I/K/L: 15 lakhs pctile 98-99
IIM A/B/C: 17.5 lakhs pctile 99 (iim b pays attention to workex)

I gotta take a break of some sort to get my mind off the CAT.

U.S bailout package

Keep an eye on news about the U.S 700 billion dollar relief/bailout package.
I have a hunch that some news on this front will will seal the lows for 2008.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Raja vs Cat 2008

According to CL:
For atleast one IIM call:
Overall cut-off:120

CAT 08
Name : RAJA Booklet No.: 222
Total Attempts: 55 Total Correct : 37
29 45 56 130.0

Cutoff i.e 97.5 ish percenile 120-125
130 is probably around 98-98.5 percentile..
99 would have been nicer but oh well

Anyway this is all theoretical: final results sometime in Jan: Still going to need some serious luck to get an IIM (A/B/C) Call. Most likely will get calls from some one/2 of iim i/k/l and mdi/spjain/imt/imi.

I love the comment by Time4education:The set on ‘Share prices’ would have stumped anyone who dared to get into it.

The set involved analyzing intraday trading strategies of some fictitious characters and figuring out
a) who made profits if prices did xyz
b) what prices did based on which fictitious character's strategy made profits
Guess how I did on that set :D

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rcom might move up

Pure hunch support 220-215.
Can touch 260-270

UPDATE: target 251.. 260-270 area bonus.
res levels on fib 231/237/242/249